From a .com to a .anything world...The choice is finally yours

By 2013 the web will be populated with over 1000 new TLDs, from brands and cities, to communities and keywords. These TLDs, such as .Canon, .Hitachi, .Hotel, .Paris and .NYC, will supersede .com to create a fully intuitive and compelling digital landscape. But what does the new gTLD opportunity mean for your association?

  • A chance to secure your association's TLD before someone else does
  • Member Benefits
  • New source of revenues

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CentralNic: Top Level Domains for Associations…Getting you there

CentralNic Top Level Domains for Associations is powered by the world's longest-running global domain registry. A complete turn-key outsource registry solution for associations wishing to represent their industry at the pinnacle of the domain universe with a top level domain, CentralNic TLDA is built on over a decade of domain industry expertise and comprises a specialist ICANN application team of business planners, marketers, MBAs and experts in tender preparation.

Committed to ensuring the allocation of domains in an ethical and orderly manner, we believe that association-related keyword TLDs should be managed and operated by community representatives to enable industry members and consumers to enjoy the benefits.

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