Benefit your members, protect your domain name, and discover a new source of revenues with your association’s top level domain…

Secure your association’s top level domain

This will prevent others from taking and potentially misusing your domain name, and will afford you total control over how your association is represented and protected online, reducing the risk of misdirected revenues and lost traffic.

Offer official domains as a member benefit

With a web address at an association TLD, your members will benefit from increased visibility, more type-in traffic, and availability of new and popular domain names on which to publish websites.

Incorporating a domain name into each membership package will vastly increase the value of your memberships.

Generate new revenues

Generate recurring revenue through the retail distribution of your association’s TLD, or operate it on a cost recovery basis.

CentralNic Top Level Domains for Associations can employ multiple distribution methods to ensure the growth and ongoing success of your new top level domain:

  • Direct member contact
  • Distribution through our international global registrars network


CentralNic TLDA will act as a partner and facilitator for your association TLD with 100% transparency.

  • Our specialist ICANN application team will work with your legal advisors to prepare a winning tender for your association TLD.
  • We will provide a world-class technical back-end solution that exceeds ICANN specifications for new TLDs and is fully integrated with every global registrar.
  • Our robust distribution models will ensure the growth and ongoing success of your association TLD.
  • Our global account executive team will represent your association TLD at all ICANN meetings and advocate your interests in ICANN policy making.
  • Our specialist strategy and marketing team will design and implement extensive and innovative marketing initiatives to support the launch and continuous success of your association TLD.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation

Our bespoke and fully integrated technical solution offers uncompromised security together with 100% control and data ownership to TLD owners together with the following features:

  • EPP
  • IPV6
  • DNS
  • IDNs
  • thick Whois
  • data escrow
  • all security and stability metrics
  • anycasting - we have a global network of redundant servers